Vendor Criteria

CFM Vendor Criteria

Community Farmers Markets creates opportunities to strengthen the local economy and encourage healthy lifestyles. We pursue vendor practices, programs and partnerships that have environmental, social, and economic integrity.

We select a diverse group of vendors, and take into account all products available at the markets.  No spots are guaranteed, and all selected vendors will be considered probationary in the first season.  All criteria outlined below will be enforced and subject for auditing at anytime.  

  • All vendors selling edible products must obtain general and product liability insurance.
  • All vendors must comply with all requirements set forth by Department of Health, the Georgia Department of Agriculture, or the USDA, and obtain any and all permits and licenses required by local and State law, including, but not limited to a business license.
  • CFM supports “producers” whenever possible.

Farm Products:

  • CFM supports sustainable farming practices.   We use Organic / CNG standards as the baseline for selecting vendors (although vendors do not need to be certified Organic by the USDA).  Any pesticides, herbicides, GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers need to be disclosed and obtain written prior approval from the Market Manager.  A sustainability assessment is part of the vendor application process.
  • CFM supports small, local, and diversified farms.  Proximity will be considered in the application process.
  • Our highest priority is to support producers.  No reselling without approval.  We may permit you to sell a colleagues products if the farm has undergone CFM approval and you receive prior written approval from the Market Manager.  All products not grown on your farm must be labeled as such, meeting the criteria of the City of Atlanta Farmers Market Ordinance.
  • Foraging is an acceptable activity, but all foraged food must be pre-approved by the Market Manager and clearly labeled as “wild” or “foraged”.

Prepared Food Products:

  • All foods must be prepared in a kitchen certified by Department of Agriculture, Department of Health or USDA.
  • All products must be made by you or your staff (ie: if you sell muffins, you must make the muffins from scratch).
  • If packaged, all vendors must have Food Sales Establishment License and Dept of Agriculture approved labels.
  • Use of local farm ingredients is strongly encouraged, especially from CFM farmers.   If the product is available locally, it is expected that you will purchase it from a local and sustainable source.
  • The source for all meats needs to be pre-approved by market staff.  Sustainable practices are key in obtaining approval (ie: from another CFM vendor if available, organic, local, grass-feed, free-range etc).
  • All vendors must submit a list of ingredients and sources to be pre-approved by Market Manager.  If using a seasonal menu, regularly update the Market Manager and get pre-approval.


  • CFM markets exist to support farmers and local food producers.  We feature regular and occasional artists.  We encourage artists to use items and create products that relate to the goal and mission of our markets (ie: found/ re-used objects, food related crafts, products that incorporate agriculture products).   All items must be hand-made and sold by the artist.   We will also host a few craft-oriented markets in 2012.

Bath & Body Products:

  • Bath & Body products need to incorporate the use of local and sustainable items. We do not duplicate items in this category.


The application period for the 2014 season is currently closed. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please apply online here.

Applications for the 2014 season were due February 14th 2014. To be considered for admission you must complete the application online, submit the non-refundable application fee, and submit all supplemental materials. Applications will not be reviewed until the application fee has been received.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with limited spaces available. Partial applications will not be considered. Checks should be made out to “Community Farmers Markets” and mailed to the CFM office (address below). Put the name of your business as it appears on the application in the memo line of the check.

New vendor application fee (per market): $50
Returning vendor application fee (per market): $25

Mail check to:
Community Farmers Markets
112 Krog Street, Suite 8A
Atlanta Ga 30307

Please read the entire application before contacting CFM with questions.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the CFM Team!